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moving leaders from hard work
to heart work.®

That is what moves us.

What we do.

We inspire and challenge you on your own path of success!

We inspire, develop and shape together with visionary executives and companies, the awareness to lead from the future, to reach groundbreaking emPowerment and sustainable impact for an economy of heart.

We love and live what we do for our customers in different countries and languages. They are the best indicator of our observable actions. In their feedback they perceive us as

  • Inspiring mentors of the corporate vision
  • Coaches of an empowering and meaningful power development
  • Constructive lateral thinkers for new possibilities
  • Challenging questioners for effective transformation
  • Decisive input source for the strategic orientation
  • Relevant discussion partners at eye level
  • Visionary leaders who do what they say
  • Together we form an interdisciplinary core team for your (future) project. With our integrated know-how transfer, you will be able to effectively implement the defined topics without further external support.
  • This can be achieved with a process design of a different kind which strengthens internal competence and takes the self-responsibility of those involved to the next level.
  • Together we are committed to the success of your project. Therefore we work together in an entrepreneurial stop-and-go mode. When a milestone is reached, we decide together whether, how and when we will tackle the next phase. This requires an agile cooperation which makes the process more important than a plan. This teamwork unleashes new possibilities in terms of your overall goals.
  • We act in integrity with the project you entrust us with. This means that, as effective sparring partners with you, we always approach the issues at hand in an open, honest and goal-oriented manner.
  • When we work for your company, we do not act as external experts but act as proactive mentors of your corporate vision.

What we believe.

Disruptive transition is changing the world. We are called upon to work together for a new future. To do so we need visionary competence, transformation power and a future-oriented new way of considering and involving our people and systems for a sustainable economy of heart.

Vision 2028 - 2030:

Our Leaders World Institute - with its ecosystem of co-creators - is now a unique force field that challenges and stimulates leaders in the search for meaning, the development of their visionary competence and the sustainable expression of their strengths. Together with their co-creators, these grown leaders guidetheir companies to the top of their uniqueness - from the perspective of the future and with Life Value for all participants.

Leadership is the shortcut to the goal. With it you transform apparent impossibilities from yesterday into achievements of tomorrow.

  • Leadershift in the company
    Making sense, exemplifying visions and values, clearing the way.
  • Leadershift in the management crew 
    Growing together to grow together.
  • Leadershift in the executive team
    Let the power from within grow stronger than the pressure from outside.
  • Leadershift for top executives
    Inspiring others to take our past achievements into the next dimension.
  • Leadershift for people in transition
    Finding goals that move - following paths that fulfill - creating results that make sense.
  • Leadershift for trainers and coaches
    Bringing out the core of uniqueness.
  • Leadershift for organisers of events
    Inspire minds, touch hearts, move hands.

Discovering your own value system means becoming aware of the forces that control the company from within. Our values are:

  1. Sunny passion for systemic power Powerment.
  2. Hearty courage for constructive clarity.
  3. Personal responsibility for goal-oriented orchestration.

With this, we intend to develop the visionary leadership of all participants for an economy of heart.

Pull from within in place of pressure from outside

Companies are systems for human growth. They can create a sustainable concept for the future which inspires the participants and promotes synergetic cooperation.

from hard work to heart work.®

Companies, leaders and teams can use simple methods on the axis Think-Will -Do to create a compelling cooperation that allows the participants to grow out ofbeyond themselves and enables great achievements with fun and ease.

More sense for more profit

Only when companies, leaders and teams know who they are and what they are capable of they can unleash their potential and reach their uniqueness. They are the ones who inspire target groups and make sustainable results possible.

The dream of an economy of heart for the decade 2040-2050, born in 1990 on a visionary handbill in Florida, has already begun to take shape. The International Economy of Heart Foundation and an ecosystem with visionary entrepreneurs are emerging.

An extract from our Vision Statement 2040-50:

  • The economy of heart has now become an artifact for synergetic value creation and measurably sustainable management.
  • The markedly grown passion for the future, the courage for new common ways and the shared joy in the effect for humans and nature have found a wide distribution worldwide.
  • The intercultural growing together in integrity with the people and in balance with our planet earth is now realized in an exemplary way.

The strategic milestones that lead us there are as fascinating as they are challenging. We are happy to share them with personalities who are interested in this path of joint transformation in the interest of the greater whole. Please feel free to contact us.

Who we are.

We see ourselves as emPower Mentors for visionary future shapers.

After more than a decade of C-Level experience and another 12 years as an independent entrepreneur in the USA, Heinz Kaegi formed the former emPowerment Group in 2000 which later grew into Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd. He built up this now international company to provide visionary leaders and their leadership teams with effective concepts for their power development and uniqueness. 
The idea was born in 1990 at his home in sunny Florida on a groundbreaking hand-drawn vision note. It shows the world in 2050 as an economy of heart. Inspired by this dream, unique concepts and business programs for the way from manager to leadership personality have been developed. In the meantime, they have already inspired more than 10,000 executives worldwide. The value of Swissness is maintained as a tradition in all international activities.
More than 1000 leadershift processes, academy courses as lecturer and presentations in Europe, USA and Asia form the solid foundation of our sustainable work. Process design, moderation and coaching are conducted in the same high quality in German, English and French.
A bestseller and numerous publications complete our extensive international profile.
For the effective implementation of our concept designs of the other kind, decision-makers in companies are in the lead to uncover a powerful vision and realize it together with their management team. In this way, they enable leadership and action from the future and thus strengthen the force field that every vision needs to become reality.

How can we best be of service for you?

Our core team

Heinz Kaegi

Mentor for Leaders

Regina Kaegi

Fairy of Possibilities

Erwin Schneider

Sound & Media

Pascal Bachmann

Online Strategist - CMO

Jörg Hilber

Leadership Analyzer

Jürgen Balhuber

Power Optimizer for Leaders

Peter Tüscher

Strategic Mastermind 

Martin Kägi

Entrepreneur and Innovation-Expert


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